Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis: Curving Mistakes and Survival Tips

February 3, 2021

Brand marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging. With the combination of forced shutdowns and diminished demand, businesses are in an incredibly vulnerable state. Panicked and spontaneous decision-making can lead to business mistakes. But, Red Marketing has you covered. Let’s look at the common errors taking place in the downturn caused by the coronavirus, and survival tips to help you overcome the COVID-19 slowdown that has no specified end in sight.

If you are a business owner, this is the time to stay on top of emerging developments, rework your inner creativity, and protect your brand and your employees during what seems like a powerless wait for normalcy. Take note — here are the top-secret ways to curve the most common mistakes being made by businesses right now:

1. Do NOT Reduce Your Marketing Efforts

If you own a business, you want people to know it. In whatever capacity you are operating, it’s crucial to not only maintain your marketing efforts — but push the boundaries. Social media marketing may be particularly compelling right now, with much of the world under stay-at-home orders. Even the most extensive media publications, tv stations, and radio channels are offering discounts, so make it a priority and do not let up. Media consumption is as high as ever. Market across the board so individuals will see your brand — and make it count — so they remember your brand. You want to produce highly engaging content, including innovative ways to showcase your brand as an in-demand product.

2. Do NOT Ignore New-found Revenue Streams

This is where you must think outside the box? Or, in this case, beyond the virus. Could you sell more products if you provided more delivery options? Can you partner with another brand to boost sales? Can you implement workshops or even subscription services? Consider gift cards or pay it to forward opportunities to drive sales. Be resourceful. Rally up the troops and find new-found ways for additional revenue streams.

3. Do NOT Ignore Sources of Credit

The business was booming. You scaled back on marketing. You were living the good life. CEO of the year. Then suddenly, the coronavirus came along and took over the world. Now what? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. In a time of need, it’s completely normal to receive support. If you need to apply for a loan, grants, a business line of credit, or a business credit card — read over the terms, make an educated decision, and think long-term. The Small Business Association (SBA) is also making SBA loans quickly accessible during the COVID-19 shutdown.

4. Do NOT Neglect Your Employees

We are all in this together. Your team helped you get to the top. Do not neglect your employees. No matter how difficult a situation it is, one of the biggest mistakes you can make during a crisis is to alienate your esteemed team members. Keep them in the loop. Help them understand their options. Be

creative and do your best to provide opportunities for working remotely — or alternatives for what they can do to stay afloat until your business can reach a level of security and stability. Hold routine meetings and continually update each member of your team on a plan of action to get through the crisis. And most importantly — be honest.

Survival Tips for Marketing Throughout COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers individually must balance out business expenses and the worth of investments in long-term brand health. Understanding how to survive against an invisible force may seem impossible right now. Still, RED Marketing has a few survival tips on how to tailor your marketing to keep pushing forward.

In times of crisis, one of the hardest things is knowing where to start in getting in a routine of survival. Let’s start here. With social distancing keeping many individuals at home, we’re witnessing significant shifts in communication trends. There is much escapism filled with entertainment — web surfing, gaming, social media, streaming more movies, live-streamed workout classes, online concerts, and lectures, to name a few. With everything shifting to an online presence, this is the time to audit and optimize for what may be the only future avenue.

Red Marking Survival Tips:
  1. Review and optimize your website, social media channels, and online presence to showcase acts of kindness during this time of crisis. This could be contributing to food banks, providing free products for medical personnel, or, if possible, continuing to compensate employees in any way possible.
  2. Update old website content and generate buzz-worthy, informative, highly relevant content. Remember, people feel helpless right now. Responsiveness is critical. Find ways to recognize the hardship of consumers and provide solutions as it relates to your brand. Generate feel-good content that relieves stress and encourages positivity will go a long way to improving the brand message.
  3. Analyze keywords, produce new keyword lists, and optimize where needed. Keep in mind consumers recognize authenticity — so stay focused and don’t over-stuff keywords.
  4. Generate enticing campaigns, contests, and go LIVE to drive traffic that adapts to stay-at-home practices. To pivot this message, build more rapid-response content that provides much-needed entertainment and shows a commitment to public wellbeing.
  5. Create engaging newsletters, ads, and emails to connect with consumers emotionally. Brands should also consider adding a page or sending an email addressing what decisions they have made to build deeper connections with their communities, what they are doing to protect their employees, and largely educational information on COVID-19.

You are not alone during this pandemic. We are here to help you stay the course and come out more reliable than ever. Book a free consult to see what Red Marketing can do for you.

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