The Evolution of SEO: What Works Today?

March 21, 2023

For many years, Google has been the dominating force in the world of internet search, essentially monopolizing consumer searches. Since the word "Google" became a part of our daily vocabulary, business owners have been trying to decipher the search engine's algorithm in order to drive traffic to their websites using SEO. However, there is no secret code to crack when it comes to SEO.

A brief history of SEO reveals that in the mid-2000s, when the Google algorithm was less advanced, it was easy to achieve high rankings in search results by manipulating URLs, acquiring inbound links from random websites (link trading), and incorporating sets of keywords into content. However, as Google's algorithm became more intelligent and human-like over time, such practices became outdated.

So, does this mean that SEO is no longer relevant? While the early understanding of SEO may be dead, the importance of improving organic rankings has only grown with increased competition in the online advertising world.

To improve your brand's organic rankings, start with an all-encompassing marketing strategy that includes all the touchpoints your brand has with clients. This should involve creating a beautiful, fast, SSL-secured, mobile-friendly, and informative website designed to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, generate regular, engaging, and valuable content that meets the needs of your audience, and distribute it across social media channels. Use PPC ads and sponsored posts to gain additional exposure for your content and promotions. Utilize social media effectively by sharing news, interesting market trends, involving your audience in conversations, and listening to their feedback. Encourage them to make decisions quickly by using client testimonials, case studies, and videos. Finally, build brand loyalty through high-quality products/services and excellent customer experience.

Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful, so engaging with your existing clients can turn them into your brand ambassadors. By focusing on building your brand, your search engine rankings will follow suit.

If you're struggling with your marketing strategy or need a second opinion, consider booking a complimentary consulting session.

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Fatih Ozturk is the Founder & Marketing Director of Red Marketing, a Dubai-based marketing consultancy that offers creative solutions to everyday challenges. Visit for more information.

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